Website Development – Stocks technical analysis website

Website Development – Stocks technical analysis website


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  1. Market Sector Selection: Develop a user-friendly interface for users to select market sectors.
    Color-Coded Sectors: Implement color-coding for each sector to enhance user experience.
    Stock Rankings: Display top 5 stocks in each sector based on 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 60, and 120 months performance, management, and product/service moat. Provide detailed performance history and external links.
    Stock Performance Data Retrieval: Implement data retrieval for up to 100 listed stocks per sector for specified timeframes.
    Company Information: Display detailed company information including financial metrics and links.
    Access Control: Paid users get access to see #1-#5 top stocks, while all users can view #4-#5.
    User Account Page: Paid users have personalized account pages with subscription details and management options.
    Pricing and FAQ Page: Display pricing plans and FAQs for user reference.
    Sector Charts: Create charts comparing top 3 stock performers to S&P 500 and industry average over 1 year.
    Alphabetical Stock List Page: Page displaying all stocks for a sector in alphabetical order with live/day-end stock prices.

Time Estimation: 10 to 12 weeks


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